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Our First Crested Hatchlings!!


Sorry for taking so long to update about the hatchlings, I Just can't take my eyes off them.  They incubated for 121 days!! They came out pretty big. They are both gorgeous, looking like Daddy coco, without spots ( Well non showing yet). The First one that hatched is named Little Bean and is a dark dark baby. I really think he is going to be a Halloween, hes already showing the markings on his tail. Baby two is Valentine, for the heart on it's tail. Valentine IM pretty sure is going to be a tri-color, it has peaches yellow rising up it's sides, I'm so happy they came out healthy and so pretty!

         In other news Yesterday Peach gave us another clutch, her fourth!! Both eggs are big and looking great so far.  Ill post some pictures of the first hatchlings of Lizardspirit!

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Little Toad Rescue

Last Wednesday During my Herpin time interview I set my lawn chair outside with Draco and came across a little toad sitting in the grass next to my lawn chair. Little guy sat there the whole show, I decided to run in and get my camera to take some pic's of him. I then notice this poor toad has a big gash running down his back and onto his leg. I couldn't leave him, he was having a hard time walking and hopping. I quickly took him in and made up a hospital tank for the little guy. But something I learned this week I wanted to share with everyone that keeps Herps.

    Not sure what to do, I did some research and found out a few things. I talked to are local Reptile store and found out you could add neosporin to cuts, ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT IS THE NORMAL KIND. The neosporin with pain reliever can kill a toad or any herp. I also learned it could also slow down the wounds healing process. I meanly wanted to keep it clean and infection free. I decided to take a risk with the neosporin and IM glad I did. A week later you can clearly see the skin on his gash is starting to cover and reheal. Just a little tip I wanted to share with other herp owners looking for a safe way to medicate a cut that will not harm your animal. The first picture below shows the first night I had found Mr.Toad. The second was taken today to show the healing it has done in a weeks time. I hope it continues to do this well so I can set him back to being free next week.

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Herpin Time Radio This WEN!

 I'm Very Pleased To Announce I will be on Herpin Time Radio This Wednesday (05-16-12 ) at 6 Pm To help promote my new upcoming Children's Book series "Draco's Adventures" and other art and Reptile projects I have been working on. I'm so excited  and nervous! XD Herpin time radio is a internet radio on blog talk that promotes reptile keeping and conservation and all other topics that involve reptiles and the love of reptiles, I hope everyone can listen  in and enjoy the show!


Here's the link to listen in on Wednesday:






Gecko Photoshoot and update on Pepper!

First off I wanted to say I have been getting allot of positive feedback about the website and I wanted to thank everyone that views it, It really does mean so much to me! So Thank you everyone for such wonderful feedback and if you ever have any questions about anything on my site feel free to e-mail me of contact me though one of my sources and I will be more then happy to help you. :)

   Pepper My new super Red Harlequin is fitting in and enjoying her new home very well, I'M very glad! I took my scale out to do my weekly weighing of my Cresteds and she has already gained two grams in one week. She was a little picky at first, but I just had to find the right flavor of CGD. She really enjoys the peach over original.

   Still no hatchlings yet, but I can see the shadows of geckos when I candle them. I'M hopping it is soon, I'M getting so antsy! My first clutch is 110 days along now and my second clutch is 62 days along. My third clutch is only 20 days along.

  On Friday All my Crested Geckos got a little mini photo shoot, I'M not professional photographer, but I feel they came out decent.

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New Clutch And New Gecko!

Peach gave me another suprize on monday, two more beautiful eggs. Perfectly white and incubating at the moment. My first clutch I candled them  last night and saw one gecko, but my other egg is still in question. I really hope it still pulls though, but 90 days into incubation and no gecko is kind of puzzling.


I also kind of spoiled myself this week and bought myself a new pretty gecko, she is so gorgious and will be here from Northern Gecko next wensday, I can not wait!! Im thinking about naming her peper because she is red hot!! XD She is still kinda little so I might have to wait till next season to pair her with coco, I can not wait though!!






Website Finialy finished!

Happy Easter everyone! Today I finally got thought everything on my website and had it edited. I am finally ready to make my site public, If anyone has any questions about anything on the site itself or any ideas for me to make it even better let me know, I would love to hear from you.

            On another note last weekend I finished all of my reptile's corner renovating. Peach and Coco my crested geckos got there own vivariums now, they also got a full makeover to there vivs. I gave each of them a vicas tree. I heard crested geckos enjoyed them allot, and I have to agree, They love it!  Draco my bearded dragon is also there new neighbor, hes not to sure about them yet, hes such a jealous lizard :3 And on the last note my first crested gecko eggs from peachxcoco are ready to hatch anyday now. They are currently on day 81 of incubation. keep checking back for updates!

Thanks for reading,

P.S I'm leaving some photos below of my new reptile corner.

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Listen about Draco's Adventure's The New Upcoming Children's book from LizardSpiritArt
Listen about Draco's Adventure's The New Upcoming Children's book from LizardSpiritArt