Little Toad Rescue

Last Wednesday During my Herpin time interview I set my lawn chair outside with Draco and came across a little toad sitting in the grass next to my lawn chair. Little guy sat there the whole show, I decided to run in and get my camera to take some pic's of him. I then notice this poor toad has a big gash running down his back and onto his leg. I couldn't leave him, he was having a hard time walking and hopping. I quickly took him in and made up a hospital tank for the little guy. But something I learned this week I wanted to share with everyone that keeps Herps.

    Not sure what to do, I did some research and found out a few things. I talked to are local Reptile store and found out you could add neosporin to cuts, ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT IS THE NORMAL KIND. The neosporin with pain reliever can kill a toad or any herp. I also learned it could also slow down the wounds healing process. I meanly wanted to keep it clean and infection free. I decided to take a risk with the neosporin and IM glad I did. A week later you can clearly see the skin on his gash is starting to cover and reheal. Just a little tip I wanted to share with other herp owners looking for a safe way to medicate a cut that will not harm your animal. The first picture below shows the first night I had found Mr.Toad. The second was taken today to show the healing it has done in a weeks time. I hope it continues to do this well so I can set him back to being free next week.

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Listen about Draco's Adventure's The New Upcoming Children's book from LizardSpiritArt
Listen about Draco's Adventure's The New Upcoming Children's book from LizardSpiritArt